HELLO! And Welcome To My World :)

I'm delighted you're here.

This is the place to be when you want to leave the world behind for a few minutes & add a little extra magic to your day. 

I find life to be one hell of a ride, it's ups & downs can be tough to bare...

...We all have our own paths to walk but one thing that brings people like you and I together is our common love for awesome, real heartfelt music to help us get through the day!

I am a creator of Rock-Pop with an injection of Country music.

I wanted to expand the feeling and messages of music into clothing & other items we use and love on a daily basis. I hope you'll love being a part of that journey with me! 

As I expand this shop, I welcome your feedback, your reviews, and your photos of you rocking the music & items! 

Thank you for supporting my music, and for making this journey better by sharing it with me.

To Infinity & Beyond

S x